Fruits of Labor

A green thumb is something I think I have.  Not the most prolific green thumb but more things live under my care than die.  But I’ve always been challenged when it comes to growing tomatoes.  I have enough sun on top of my deck as it sits on the roof so that’s not an issue.  I’ve tried for years to grow tomatoes to no avail.   They grow in the pots but never really bear fruit.  Last year I started them too late in the season as I’d been traveling throughout the month of June so they didn’t get planted until July.  Not enough growing time as our summer is short enough to begin with.  Add to that the lateness of the planting and you get whole lotta nuttin’.  This year however, I planted in late May.  Instead of pots I used the Topsy-Turvy you see advertised on TV.  Well actually I’m doing an experiment, one plant is in a pot and a duplicate is in the Topsy-Turvy.  This way I can see if their television claims really do hold up.  So far, the Topsy is winning.  I also planted one with cucumbers and one with red peppers.  They seem to be flourishing as well.

The other evening I was grilling my  dinner and I thought I’d check to see if any of the red tomatoes were ready to be picked.  Lo and behold, 2 were.  They weren’t big by any stretch, about the size of large racquetballs, but boy were they good.  I was so excited to finally be tasting my tomatoes, the ones I’d grown and watered every day religiously and almost even burned out with too much fertilizer.  After all if some fertilizer was good, lots should be ever better right?  Maybe I should go back and read that children’s book by Helen Palmer called A Fish Out Of Water, just so I actually learn the lesson she’s teaching.  But they survived my efforts and I am starting to enjoy them.

I thought about this when 2 things happened the next day.  I got a call from something I’d submitted to over 2 months ago and had completely forgotten about.  Delightful lady.  She wanted to talk further and have me do some more specific auditioning for her.   Turns out we might actually do some business together.  Then later I received an email from another piece of business I’d submitted on over a month ago with some additional information and a request for a more refined bid.  I didn’t get the job but both of these contacts were from submissions I’d done weeks ago that I’d long forgotten.  Made me realize the work I’m doing today may not bear fruit for quite a while.  Gave me the energy to pick up the phone and continue cold calling.  Who knows what’s germinating out there?  I’ve got more tomatoes on the vine ripening every day.


Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower.  Or in my house growing up, trees, bushes and brains.  I hated all of them, the smell, the texture, the taste.  My mom insisted we at least try them because she wasn’t running a short order kitchen and we had to eat what she fixed.  I guess when you have 7 mouths to feed, you’d say that too.  We couldn’t leave the table until we had one bite and boy I could sit there all night in that battle.  It was Godzilla versus the Smog Monster and I was determined to win.  I’m sure the fact that my Dad hated them as well didn’t help her cause.  She stopped short of force feeding me but she usually prevailed.  Mom’s are good at that.

Now that I’m an adult, I have no one to force me to do anything, no one to help me see the benefits of what I don’t want to do, no one to answer to.  So when I don’t want to run that day, no one knows but me.  But a strange thing has happened.  I’ve found a bit of a silver lining in all that exertion.  Getting out of the house and out of my routine, I usually get inspired with an idea for a post, something I want to share.  It hasn’t made me look forward to running but it has allowed me to dread it less.  I am excited by the thought I will come up with something new.  I still have to force myself to get started but it’s a little less effort now.  It made me think about what else I do that I don’t relish and how I could find something, anything positive about it.  So I don’t hate it quite so much the next time.  And maybe, just maybe, I’d start to like it.

As for the vegetables, turns out I actually like asparagus and I’ll eat cauliflower if it’s raw.  But broccoli?  Can’t stand the stuff, never have, never will.  Blech.