Words, Words, Words

I’ve just returned from an extended holiday in the UK.  It was first vacation I’ve had in probably 8 years that wasn’t work related, even though there was a smidge of work done on the trip.  This time I went further than just the city of London, which is one of my favorite cities on earth.  Even though I was a French major in college and have a fondness for Paris, I absolutely adore and am in serious crush with England.  And it returned the affection.  The weather was fabby, the people wonderful and the sites everything I’d want them to be.

I’d hoped to do more inhaling of the accent than I was able to but circumstances prevented that.  What I did do was listen to all the talking going on around me, which was so easy to do on the tube.  And for a word junkie like me, it was quite the treat.  I’d read somewhere that Americans use about 2000 words but the Brits use approximately 5000 words.  Very soon I was suffering from word envy.  And it was a serious case of the green eyed monster.  They use the language so richly that I was embarrassed to open my mouth sometimes.  Not really but you get my drift.  When you are in the presence of someone who has more skill than you do at something, a shyness comes about when you realize that you don’t measure up to their expertise and you’d be a fool to even try.

Instead of letting this stop me, I’m resolving to try to increase my master of language and all the wonderful words we have available to use.  After all, I just visited the home of where so many words were created hundreds of years ago.  I wouldn’t be doing my travels justice if I didn’t at least try.  So fair warning dear reader, you may need a dictionary nearby in the future.

Green Lights

I just read a statistic that just sent me into a tizzy.  The average person loses 2 weeks of their life waiting for a light to turn green.  Can you imagine?  2 weeks of your life gone while at a complete standstill waiting to be given permission to get on with your life.  One doesn’t think about the 40 seconds here, 75 seconds there, or if you  live in Chicago and there are no left turn lanes on any street, 4 minutes every time you approach an intersection.  But those seconds add up and then you have some real time.  Basically a really nice vacation you can’t take because you are sitting at a light.  I’m not sure where I’m going with this rant, other than to encourage physicists, engineers and mathematicians to hurry up and perfect a transporter for heaven’s sake.  Maybe just to make sure I don’t waste any of those precious seconds available to us in our lifetime.  They could be used for learning, progressing, loving, laughing and just plain living.

Now that I’m working from home most of the time, maybe my average will go down.  But I do have to admit, I’m the chick in the next car putting on her makeup and mascara.  Hey, 4 minutes is all I need!