Spell Check

I find myself in a quandary.  I’ve always considered myself a good speller and grammarian although I successfully hid these talents from my teachers throughout my academic progression.  The spelling talent was a gift of my Mother (along with a great sense of direction) and the grammar via my Dad, the English major turned surgeon.  Because of these gifts, I am quick to spot errors in the writings of others.  This isn’t a talent guaranteed to win you friends so I’ve worked very hard over the years to suppress my need to be right when confronted with the mistakes of others.  Although I was an absolute snot recently at a fancy party where I corrected a delightful gentleman on his pronunciation of Hermes.  Some things just can’t go mispronounced, it’s a crime against fashion and sacrilegious to boot.

However recently while reading several blogs and daily e-blasts from sources I respect and reference consistently, the spelling and syntax errors were so glaring and blatant they took me right out of the story and the experience it had been providing to me.  It was jarring to say the least.  And disappointing.

The quandary comes from the fact that I have recently taken on writing in a fairly consistent and public manner.  I am coming to realize the challenge of feeding this word monster regularly.  And the fact that sometimes in my haste, I may make a error just like I’ve been reading recently.  Top it off with the fact that I HATE to be found wrong.  I know, that may be a shocker to you but if you need confirmation, just ask any of my siblings.  My sister says I need 3 facts to back anything up before I’ll reverse myself on a statement.  I have no idea what she’s talking about.  But, statistically over time, I’m bound to make an error or three.  And that stinks.  I need to invent a thought check so what I’m thinking comes out coherently, structured correctly and spelled to perfection.  Not likely to happen, so maybe I’ll just slow down, re-read what I’ve written and if I do make a mistake, strive to do better next time.