Excruciating Increments

One of my favorite shows is The West Wing.  I’m thrilled that Bravo shows 2 hours of it every morning from 7-9a and get annoyed when the programming is changed even slightly.  It’s how I start my day most mornings while I wait for local weather on the 8’s on the weather channel.  I told you I’m a weather dork!  Anywho, the writing of Aaron Sorkin on this show, on any show he’s done, is really good.  I’m constantly impressed at what comes out of his characters mouth.  On this particular day, the main story line focused on a big budget bill that had a last minute clause inserted before it was passed that went against the First Lady’s beliefs.  This story line was juxtaposed against another story about a big glacier that had melted on the polar ice cap and drowned several residents of an island with the rise in water levels.  Now when I think of a glacier, I think of a slow moving massive hunk of ice that floats around the ocean not really changing it’s shape or size.  Things are often described as moving glacially, meaning really slow.  But here this glacier had completely melted and rather unexpectedly as the residents were taken unaware.  At the end of the hour POTUS and the First Lady are discussing with that witty Aaron Sorkin repartee the budget issue and how he’s going to fix things.  POTUS answers her pleas for expediency by saying “Change happens in excruciating increments”.  Interesting that a glacier melted to show this juxtaposition.  But boy is he right.  Change does happen in excruciating increments.  It takes a lot of backward perspective to realize that any change has been achieved.  But with consistency, change can occur.  I just hope I’m not treading water before it happens to me!