Finding Your Pace

It’s actually spring here in Chicago.  Surprisingly we are having the type of weather one would normally associate with spring.  We usually don’t get any sort of moderation, we go from winter wools to sundresses in about 4 days time.  But this year has been a lovely aberration.  So I’m back out hitting the pavement trying to get a run/walk in every day.  I’ve been trying to get my stamina and endurance up for quite some time and have been having very little luck.  I can walk to the end of the earth but if you ask me to run, it’s like a slow motion train wreck as everything starts to fall apart one piece at a time.  Pretty soon I’m back to just walking, albeit at a brisk 4.5 mph pace.  I listen to my bottomless iPod when I’m out to keep me engaged and on pace.  There’s a mix of songs from the 80’s that are fun to walk fast to.  Today I went deeper into my song selection and stumbled upon a run of power ballads from the early 80’s.  You  know the type of song, headbangers crooning their unrequited love while the lead guitar cries along and the drum bangs out the broken heartbeats.  Good times.  At first I skipped past a song thinking it was too slow but then I had an aha moment.  What if I used this slower beat to pace my run?  Eureka!  It worked!  It wasn’t pretty but I was able to run about 30% of the way around my usual route.  My IT band didn’t get all tied up.  I didn’t run out of breath.  I felt like I was paint drying I was moving so slow but I was able to string together many intervals of running and walking.  And I was still able to do this even towards the end of my route.  I think I might be on to something.  My problem is I walk so fast that in order to feel as if I was doing anything different, I really stepped up my pace but I was in no shape to be able to sustain that pace.

The funny thing is, slowing down is something I’ve been trying to do with my voiceover and acting.  I have a tendency to talk really fast when working both of these crafts and that hasn’t served me well at all.  Perhaps I’m finding a theme here, that I should slow down and smell the roses.  Be more turtle-less hare.  I think I’ll make a new playlist on my iPod dedicated to power ballads.  Who knew about the wondrous powers of these types of songs?

Getting out of bed

The other night I did something I haven’t done since my college days.  After a long day of working on a film, I’d fallen asleep on the couch around 830pm.  Pretty much a rockin Saturday night in my household.  I flipped off the TV around 9 and put the pjs on, turning in for the night.  The phone rang about 45 minutes later and it was a dear friend of mine who was joining another friend and her new boyfriend at a local watering hole.  She was so apologetic about waking me up but wanted me to join them.  I said no but offered a parking pass for my street so they could park without getting a ticket.  She stopped by a few minutes later to pick it up and it was then, standing at my front door in my pj’s, that I changed my mind and told her I’d be over in a few minutes.  I surprised even myself in my flip-flop.  As I was getting re-dressed and dragging a comb through my hair, I thought about why I was doing this.  I hadn’t been in town and available in 5 weekends, I hadn’t gone out for fun in forever and these particular friends were very supportive of me and dear to my heart.  Besides I had to check out this new beau.

I chuckled to myself as I walked the 2 blocks to the pub realizing I hadn’t done this since college.   I guess hanging out with the college kids recently rubbed off in ways I hadn’t expected.  2 hours later, having listened to some wonderful live music, drunk a cocktail or two and caught up with the girls, my decision to get out of bed and join my friends didn’t seem so crazy after all.  I had a wonderful time and fed a part of my soul that had been neglected of late.  Oh and the new boyfriend?  He’s a keeper.  I’m thrilled for my friend and at bit hopeful for me.

Too much of a good thing

Several weeks ago I mentioned I was working my way through my iPod’s long list of music with some fun and interesting juxtapositions.  I’m still on the B’s, having never really realized just how many artists there are with name’s that begin with a B.  Or how prolific those “B” artist are.  Not just the Beatles and all their album iterations, but Bob Marley, Bob Seger, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and of course Bon Jovi.  Since I am insisting on listening to all 5970 songs in my catalogue alphabetically, my entire run can sometimes be musiced, not really a word but it is now, by the same artist.  The other morning, with apologies to my sister and SIL who are BIG fans, I’d had just about enough of Bon Jovi.  I fast forwarded through all the remaining songs sung by the group and was never happier than when the sultry tones of Bonnie Raitt filled my ear buds and was followed up by the throaty voice of Bonnie Tyler.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Bob Marley, Bob Seger and Bon Jovi, not so much Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, just not their entire body of work all at once.  I needed to have some other artists and genre’s interspersed throughout so I could listen to them in contrast to another.  I’m still going to work my way through the iPod alphabetically, although I am going to skip the 5-600 French vocabulary and phrases, but once I’m done with that, I’ll be on perma shuffle mode.  After all, variety is the spice of life.