Verbal recycling

Ran into a bit of a problem the other night.  I was most happy to be invited to a friend and her husbands house for dinner and got to meet her parents.  I love going to this house because they have two Brittany Spaniels who’s noses are just the right height to rest them on your knees while we were eating.  I miss that.  Anywho, it was the first time I’d met her parents so all my stories and material was new to them.  However, my friend was a regular reader of this blog.  Which I love but which also presented me with a problem.  I never realized how much I recycled my stories and anecdotes.  I’d written 2 postings before I left for their house.  Not normally something I’d take note of but I was deep in the middle of a story when I realized I’d used it for the blog post.  And now it was going to be a repeat to my friend.  I was airing reruns just like the networks do in August.  This kind of stopped me cold as I pride myself on being able to talk to anyone about pretty much anything.  One of the many skills picked up over years of sales.  But since my circles and acquaintances rarely overlapped, I was able to get lots of mileage out of my observations and one liners.  Now I was in jeopardy of becoming a verbal cliche.  Horrors!  I guess I’ll have to keep pushing myself and keeping in mind who I’ve told what to because everyone knows the ratings go down when repeats are on.  Hope I can withstand the pressure of it all.

Use Your Words

My Sister in Law sent me the nicest note of encouragement recently regarding my writing and posting.  She said she looked forward to reading them every day and she thought my Dad would be proud of how I was using my words.  Her phrasing made me smile instantly.  It was such the thing for a Mom of 4 to say and I could hear her saying it to one of her kids whilst they stumbled for the words that weren’t coming as fast as their developing little minds were wanting them to.

But the phrase “use your words” got me thinking.  I’ve always been a geek when it comes to language, at least in my adult life.  Scholastically not so much, in fact I even misspelled surgeon in a spelling test, not so good for the daughter of such a man.  But as an adult, with a voracious appetite for reading, some of that language sunk in.  To the point I became something of a collector of words.  Using them in a sentence correctly alway gave me a bit of a thrill.  I am the kind of person that actually uses the word harridan, proclivity and as evidenced by the previous sentence, voracious.  Not in an intellectually snobby way at all.  Finding new words was a treasure to be unearthed with glee.  The English language is endowed with wonderful words that seldom get taken out and dusted off.  Crossword puzzles were a great source of new material.  It became something wonderful to share with my Dad, the English major turned surgeon, and when he consulted me on a french word or phrase that he was unfamiliar with, a great source of pride.

I think these postings are a way to continue the conversation with my Dad, something I am no longer able to do.  I am able to craft a story and a message I think he would be happy to read as my SIL (our acronym for sister-in-law) pointed out.  I continue my hunt everyday for new words and thoughts and take an immense amount of pleasure in each post.  S-U-R-G-E-O-N.  Never forget that one!

Use your words.