Whoa! Reality Check please

Sometimes you go through life thinking that things are one way and suddenly you are smacked between the eyes with a 2 x 4 also known as a Reality Check.  This happened to me the other night when I was given the opportunity to watch an audition of myself.  Now I get that the lens they used was a wide angle and the lighting was atrocious, but what came glaring through was how not good it all was.  Not just the performance, which really wasn’t that bad, but all the negatives that were magnified and enhanced up there on the 42 inch screen.  I’ve been wondering why I haven’t been booking and I think I just found a big part of the answer.  YUCK.  But this post isn’t to elicit complements or reassurances, I’ve accepted what I saw and am taking steps to correct it, but to point out that things aren’t always what they seem to be.  I had an idea of my appearance and facial expressions but was way off base in what they really were.  I’m grateful I got to see myself and do a realistic assessment of what I was presenting.  I could have gone on for quite a while in the mythical land of my perceptions.  When you are the product, it’s very hard to do an objective assessment of what is being presented.  Stepping back and looking at the product you are selling, whatever that may be, is imperative.  Otherwise you labor under misconceptions that have no basis in reality.  Another’s perception is your reality.  It sounds harsh but it’s something to keep in mind with everything you do.  So often we believe that if we are thinking one way, EVERYBODY must also be thinking the same way.  Hello my friend, that ain’t the case.  Being aware there are as many perceptions as there are people and that is your reality.  Be objective in the product you offer and make it the best  you possibly can.