Just go

Serendipity is a pretty amazing thing.  Be it chance or luck or karma or the universe putting opportunities in your path, when it happens, it’s really cool.  I was traveling recently and had a layover from a red eye flight in Dallas.  Prevailing winds were so strong eastbound that we landed 25 minutes earlier than scheduled and I think we were the first flight into DFW that day.  I had a several hour layover so I headed to the lounge to freshen up, grab some refreshments and check my email.  Most airport lounges offer free wifi which is an awesome perk.  We were so early to arrive that the lounge still had a half an hour before it opened.  When the doors finally swung open, there were quite a few of us rushing them and the elevators were full with each trip.  I happened to notice the suitcase of one of my fellow stuffed in people.  It was from a now defunct network that was affiliated with several stations I used to sell.  I commented to the owner how much I missed that network and asked what station he was with.  He replied “no station” and I continued to babble on thinking all the while he looked like a sports guy I must have seen on a promotional piece somewhere.  So I then asked him if he was with the network and he replied no, he was on a show for them.  The elevator doors then opened, mind you all this happened in a 1 floor lift ride and we dispersed into the club.  Me to freshen up and him to parts unknown.

As I was de-stinking all my parts, I was thinking about the interchange that had just happened and what to do about it.  I’ve had several opportunities recently where I’ve been in the same place as a person of note but either because of nerves or shyness or respect for their privacy haven’t taken advantage of them.  And I’ve kicked myself each time.  So I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by.  I left the bathroom and commenced my search for this person.  I soon found him relaxing with a cup of coffee and approached saying “can I pick your brain?  Feel free to tell me to go pound sand but I’m an actress and I’d love to hear your story.”  And he most graciously said sure and put up with my questions for the next 90 minutes.

So this guy has had quite a bit of success in his professional life.  Call it luck, call it earned, call it whatever you want but one of the nuggets he shared in a bucketful of nuggets is something his Dad said to do and that was to just go.  I think the puzzled expression on my face spoke volumes so he elaborated.  Even if it’s a job where you don’t think it’s right for you, or the character is someone you don’t connect with or the pay may not be what you’re used to, just go, do your best as you never know what may come of that opportunity.  Resist the urge to say “nah” but instead jump at the chance to work.  There may be people at that gig that will hire you, finance your next project or recommend you for something.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “nah” in the past.  But in the future, I’ll be saying “yah” a lot more!

17 Responses to “Just go”

  1. Bob Souer Says:


    Yeah! Good post and good for you for seizing the opportunity in front of you.

    Be well,

  2. Eddie Says:

    So true about taking work that you “don’t ” think fits and who you will encounter and their network of people that have things going on where you may just fit the bill. It is all about numbers and exposure. Just go!

    I especially like working with students on projects. They just may turn out to be the next Speilberg in a few years and remember you doing a favor. Really… It’s all numbers. Is your number up on the wheel?

    • Pam Tierney Says:

      While I haven’t been lucky enough to work for the next Spielberg, I have been hired for jobs from jobs I already had. It is about the numbers but it’s so hard to remember that when you are slogging in the trenches on a gawdawful job. Just have to keep remembering that!

  3. Perry Norton Says:

    Just do it! You go grrrl….

  4. Ed Hunter Says:

    Good advice, Pam. I’m not a naturally outgoing person, so it’s tough to “go” when it can be easier (safer) to say “nah” and lay back. What helps me is to remember that almost every time I have stepped out of my comfort zone, it has paid dividends, just like in your story. Thanks.

  5. rowell Says:

    nicely put, and absolutely right, pam.

    several times in the past two years, i’ve been asked to try a particular voice type and my initial reaction has been “what? i don’t do that style!” after giving in and having a go…and then being RE-hired for more of the same, my “i don’t do that” voice has been countered more and more often with another one that says, “well, maybe you SHOULD.”

  6. Will Scott Says:

    Work leads to work.

  7. Gene Says:

    Very inspirational. Both the initial post and the comments
    Thanks to all 🙂

  8. Dan Brantley Says:

    Reminds me of the adage, “When we get older we will regret what we did not do much more than what we did.”

    PS: Next time you have a layover in Dallas, I and a few other VO folks I know would love to buy you a up of coffee and pick your brain!

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    […] days ago I mentioned an encounter with an actor who is consistently working in film and television in Los Angeles.  I found myself […]

  10. Kera O'Bryon Says:

    Pam, I love this blog! thanks for reminding us !

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