The Gift of Aspiration

Everywhere in this world there are people who are further up the spectrum than I am.  People who have more money than me, have achieved more fame than I, are skinnier, more proficient, more talented, you name it.  But there they are, ahead of me in some way.  As I write this, I am sitting on a plane in coach 2 rows back from first class so I have a bird’s eye view of the way they get to fly. I usually sit further back on the plane so while I know first class is there, I’m not as acutely aware of it. Lunch has just been served, on china and the flight attendant is bringing around petit fours for dessert, along with a refill of wine.  I haven’t even been asked if I want to buy an overpriced snack yet.

I say this not to complain about how awful air travel has become but to highlight where they are versus where I sit.  Watching the lovely way they are being treated made me want to be up there.  To figure out a way to get in the club.  Research the challenge.  Problem solve to achieve the goal.

Having those backs to look at as I travel my path is a wonderful gift. It lets me know what I want is achievable and if they can do it so can I.  I don’t look at those who have achieved with anger or envy (ok maybe a little envy, lunch sure smelled good and I would kill for more leg room) but with assurance that one day I’ll be up there, eating lunch on china at 35000 feet, accepting accolades on my performance and finally fitting into a wee size (or at least a wee-er size).  Just need to keep aspiring.  That’ll make it happen.

2 Responses to “The Gift of Aspiration”

  1. Terry Says:

    A possible alternate reality: A guy, sitting in first class, eating what he has come to think of as a home-cooked meal because of how much he travels for a job he hates, (but can’t quit, because he bought into The Dream that his skinny wife, McMansion and high-powered job would bring him satisfaction as well as power,) looks a few rows back on the plane and sees this beautiful woman blogging. She has that sense of peace and satisfaction that comes from working a creative and challenging job that she loves and is good at. He is envious of the choices she gets to make about which jobs to take, and which conferences she wants to attend– vs. is sent to. And he thinks, if it’s not too late, that he just needs to keep aspiring. Because, that could make it happen. (I’m just sayin’…..)

  2. Philip Banks Says:

    I have a vivid memory of around 20 or so of the top awesome Voiceoverists in the USA (internet hyperbole) sitting at a table in a restaurant in New York city. Added to their number were two poverty stricken British wannabees, you could tell they were Brits because they had bad teeth. When the check arrived all the top Voiceoverists shouted over one another.

    “This is on me guys. I had a great week”

    “No dood! On me as my week was much awesomer than yours.”

    Would 20 or so people of this calibre haggle over a $320 check?

    “No, wait I didn’t get fries so my share is only $8.73.”

    Elisa Canas paid my share I was content to sit there in awe.

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