Magic Bullets

It’s been a very challenging week.  First I realized I didn’t have the sultry voice I longed for, an hard realization to come to grips with.  Then another boom was lowered when I realized there was no magic bullet in my future that would catapult me into the stratosphere of my career.  No secret code to open the doors to riches and fame and back to back bookings.  No superpower guaranteed to make me the voice or the face in every auditor’s head.  Crap.  This really ticked me off.  It finally hit me that this wasn’t going to be a wee bit of hard work and then ta-da!  Here’s your dream career.  It was going to be a slog, a pretty long hard slog at that.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of hard work.  I relish a challenge.  Don’t be in my way when someone tells me I can’t do something, I’m sure to run you over in my quest to prove them wrong.  But I have to admit, I’ve bought into the instant gratification of our society.  What do you mean I haven’t lost any weight?  I’ve been dieting for 48 hours now?  What’s the problem?  Get me a pill for this right away.  Computers don’t help much.  We can email someone and it appears in second in their in box while we’re Skyping with each other.  Graphic intensive web sites load in less than a second.  We get real time feeds of weather radar so we know almost to the minute when the storm will be raging over our heads.  All of these things serve to reinforce that I should have a fully functioning and highly profitable career 10 minutes ago.

After I got over my rather substantial hissy fit, it hit me that accepting this annoying fact was somewhat liberating.  It actually put more control back in my hands.  If I no longer was waiting for the fairy godmother, Genie or leprechaun to bless me with the secret formula, I could now go out and make my own magic.  It would involve cold calling like I did a lifetime ago.  Asking people for help, something I’m really not very good at.  Researching who is who within a company.  And doing this over and over again week after week.  But I was no longer waiting for my career to happen to me, I making my career happen.  Seems rather simple when you think about it.  And a little less exciting than matching all 6 numbers in the multigazillion dollar Powerball lottery.  But I’ve done this before and did it rather well.  I can do it again.

4 Responses to “Magic Bullets”

  1. Bob Souer Says:


    Yes, you can and yes you will! I look forward to seeing the magic as it happens.

    Be well,

  2. Terry Says:

    Nicely put. And very true. I wish you luck. The rest you can take care of.

  3. Rowell Says:

    two of the first…and best…pieces of professional advice i ever got went completely over my head when i first heard them. only at this point in what you aptly term the “long slog’ do they even start to make sense to me.

    the first was from a guy named jack shaw, who hired me and taught me how to adapt my talents to radio copywriting and commercial production. i remember complaining to him that i didn’t have that great dj voice most of the other guys on staff did. his reply was something like: “don’t worry about that. lots of people can do that. how many people can do what YOU do? how many people would love to trade their voice for the voices you can do now?”

    the second was l.a. lentz, who owned a studio in town and whom i’d become friends with during my radio days. when i finally committed to go freelance i asked him for the “rules”. “the first rule,” he told me, “is ‘there are no rules’.” i thought he was pulling one of his trademark wisecracks, and it wasn’t until he repeated it that i knew he was serious. i’m STILL trying to get my mind wrapped around that one, and it’ll be a glorious day when i finally succeed.

    sorry, pam. i turned a comment into a blog post. i’d better copy and paste this sucker over there before i forget! but you had it first.

    • Pam Tierney Says:

      It’s a constant process my friend. Keep trying to be the best you can be and soon people will be saying “how come I can’t sound like Rowell?!”

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