No More Bush League

What’s this?  Another sports reference?  But what can you do when sports are so much a part of our lives?  Deal I guess.  The term bush league comes from baseball and means amateur, unprofessional, unsophisticated.  I recently came back from a gathering of voiceovers that happens not quite annually but often enough to merit attending.  This time I came back with a different perspective, one that had started building a few months ago but was solidified at this gathering.  A lot of my friends and colleagues were there along with a lot more newbies and wannabees.  In attending all the various meetings and addresses at this conference, I realized that I had started to top out with what I could learn at any given workshop or symposium.  It was a funny realization.  When you get started in any venture, you are a sponge soaking up as much knowledge and expertise as you possibly can.  You read every book, take every class, listen to every podcast, join every online group, practice every moment you can, seek out any coach that could possibly teach you something.  Anything to get you closer to expertise and success.  This stage exists for quite a while until it feels like this is how it will always be.  Not so.  After a while, all this new found knowledge gets absorbed and settles in and becomes your new default position.  You continue to add to your knowledge and your expertise level continues to grow.  You think this will go on forever, that you’ll be learning things about your craft and it’s business ad infinitum.  Until you pay to attend something and you realize that the meetings you went to and actually learned something new were few and far between.  That you actually learned more from hanging out with your fellow professionals and pals.  Wow.  Is that a jolt.  You suddenly realize you are on par with these professionals and have to rethink how you see yourself.  And your training.  You’ll have to be more selective about who you give your hard earned dollars to in hopes of furthering your craft.  It’s a whole different way of living in your dream but an equally as exciting way.

5 Responses to “No More Bush League”

  1. Bob Souer Says:


    It’s exciting to look back and see the milestones that are behind you, no matter how many remain to surpass. Almost no one makes it to “the show” without spending at least some time in the bush leagues. No everyone who makes it past the bush leagues gets to the majors, but only those who do grow beyond them ever do make it. (Funny how the major leagues are called “the show”, huh?)

    Be well,

  2. David Sigmon Says:

    Very well said Pam. Very well said.
    As always.


  3. Don’t minor on the Majors | Voices Of Advertising Says:

    […] friend Pam Tierney offers some thoughts about growth as a performer on her blog today. Whether you like sport analogies or not, she makes some very salient […]

  4. Rowell Says:

    you know more than perhaps you even think you know on the subject.

    much as i enjoyed my first dan o’day vo/production summit last year, and much as i anticipate returning this summer…the most valuable thing i learned that trip (and which left me wanting to learn more), i got in less than five minutes listening to you.

    thank you.


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