Closed fist/Open hand

As I mentioned the other day, I was talking with my career coach Kristine Oller about my transition from full time j-o-b to full time artist and she mentioned that so many times in counseling people  in this particular aspect of their career, they hold on so tightly to what they know that won’t let go until they have a for-certain guarantee that what they are going towards will be successful.  They won’t let go of the past until they are sure of the future.  Which of course can never happen.  We can never be sure of the future.  Life is full of twists and turns that can’t be predicted.  I was in that exact same spot.  I wanted to make sure I had every base covered, every potential pitfall considered, every monetary need accounted for.  And on top of that I wanted an absolute sign that I was doing the right thing.  I wasn’t asking for much right?

The image that kept coming to mind was the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana had to cross an uncross-able ravine.  There was no bridge that he could see.  He closed his eyes and stepped out, fully expecting to plummet to the bottom but instead his foot hit solid rock.  There was a bridge only it was disguised so his eyes didn’t see it.

I realized I had to let go.  I had to unclench my fist from the past so my hand could be open to receive what the future was offering.  Letting go is easier said than done but it is necessary to move forward.  Otherwise you’ll always have one foot in the past not moving you forward.  Let go a little and see what the universe brings to you.

16 Responses to “Closed fist/Open hand”

  1. Bob Souer Says:


    A closed fist receives no gifts. What a great post. Thank you.

    Be well,

  2. Melissa Ex Says:


    You are SO right. And it’s not easy.

    Here’s to letting go..


  3. David Sigmon Says:

    Thank you Pam. You have me pegged perfectly. And I needed to hear it from someone else.

  4. Open or closed? | Voices Of Advertising Says:

    […] Do you keep your hands closed, holding tightly to what you know? Or do you live with your hands open? Take a moment to walk through these questions with my friend Pam Tierney. […]

  5. Brian Page Says:

    Very nicely put Pam! Trust is a very real element in this life.

  6. Philip Banks Says:

    I only fall soundly asleep when in a familar environment so I have to keep creating the unfamiliar in order to stay awake. I look lovely when sleeping it’s just that while doing it I’m about as much use as a chocolate tea pot.

  7. Melissa Ex Says:

    mmmm – chocolate tea pot …. with mint tea…. runny rivers of mushy chocolate mint….

    sleep away dear Banksey…

  8. Dan Nims Says:

    Thank you for sharing your insight, Pam. I remember when the study of ‘body-language’ was popular years ago. It was said that when a person is listening with their arms folded in front, they are essentially ‘tuning out’ what ever the speaker is saying. Thus, by merely changing our posture we can be more receptive to useful ideas. ‘Opening up’ doesn’t mean one needs to fully accept all ideas presented. It means that you will be listening for nuggets of truth that will be valuable. One’s ability of separate the wheat from the chaff will be unimpaired.

  9. rowell gormon Says:

    a little-known benefit of sharing what you know can be the refreshing realization that you actually know more than you once gave yourself credit for. some days, that little boost is enough to keep you plowing through.

  10. Kate Says:

    I am in this situation too, it’s funny how all the signs – like your blog – seem to find me.

    You can only prepare the best you can, trust in your choices, and believe

  11. Liz de Nesnera - Bilingual English & French VO Says:

    What great advice!
    It reminds me of something I heard years ago that always stuck…and that I TRY & remember! 🙂

    “You have to let the old train out of the station first, to make room for the new train to pull in”



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