One thing and one thing well

Every time I go out to LA, I indulge myself in an obsession I am fortunately not able to partake in here at home.  A few years back I discovered In n Out burgers and pretty much died and went to heaven.  Of course they are a calorie counters nightmare  but oh are they worth it.  I budget my daily intake (yeah right!) so I can indulge at least once before I head back east.  This trip was no exception and was squeezed in just minutes before I had to return the car to the rental lot at the airport.  Thankfully they chose to place a store right in the landing zone of LAX.

As I was waiting for my culinary indulgence to arrive, I thought about the philosophy of the chain and how it worked for them.  See, I love these so much I wrote to the company begging them to open an outlet in the midwest.  And I received a reply to the effect that they won’t be more than a days drive from their farms and suppliers in order to maintain the quality of their product.  The even more interesting thing is the menu.  They have 3 items on the menu besides sodas.  Burgers with or without cheese, fries and shakes.  That’s it.  No breakfast, no chicken, no wraps, no tacos-just burgers, fries and shakes.  They concentrate on doing basically one menu and doing it really, really well.  And from the line that is always to the door when I visit, it’s most definitely working for them.

Which got me to thinking about how thin I sometimes spread myself in my endeavors.  It’s easy to get distracted by a shiny new interest, especially if the old one is no longer exciting or is ending up being more challenging than anticipated.  But the key is to keep plugging away at the core of the activity or business and really work at doing it well.  Find ways to make it new and exciting once again. That’s where the success starts coming in droves.  And pretty soon, you have a line out the door waiting to use your service.