Aw, quit yer whinin’ kid

I know.  Harsh words in a blog that for the most part has been pretty positive in it’s message.  But I direct these words at myself primarily.  See I’m one of those horrid people in the grocery store/movie theatre/Target/airport/you-name-it that shoots daggers at kids who are misbehaving and whining.  And even harsher looks at their parents.  And when the beleaguered parent, who I know has been dealing with this all day/week/month/lifetime finally says to the child “Stop Whining!!”  I silently say to myself “yeah kid, stop whining!”  As if that is the magic phrase that will silence the whine.  It never does.  But then, I caught myself in a big giant whine of my own and that was not a pretty sight to behold.

The other night I went to a screening of an absolutely hysterical short film that was written, directed, financed and produced all by local talent in Chicago.  Right down to all the original music.  It was by far the most professional production I’ve seen in a long time on such a shoestring budget.  I was immensely impressed.  The title?  Fluffenhaus.  It wasn’t in it’s finished form but from what I saw it’s going to be a knockout on the festival circuit.

The whine came about when I started the internal dialogue after seeing so many fellow actors in this piece and how proud they must feel to be a part of something so creative.  And here’s where the whine wound up to full steam just like an old fire engine siren getting up to full volume “why wasn’t I part of this?  why aren’t I being cast in movies like this?  they’re getting all the breaks and I’m not, wah, wah, wah”  I think you get the picture.  A side of myself I’m really proud of.  And it kept going.  Until I finally listened to what I was saying and had no mirror to shoot the daggers at myself.  Then I remembered my rearview mirror.  Not a feature usually listed in the new car brochure but a handy discovery.  And as I was glaring at my reflection (at a stoplight mind you) I realized I was stuck in a bad pattern and I not only needed to stop, I wanted to stop.  I could do exactly what all those gifted Fluffenhaus folks did and create my own work.  I had the same ability they did but somehow had left ambition and drive by the wayside.  Just the kick in the pants I needed to get rid of the whiny monster that had come to roost.

Thanks Fluffers for the reminder that it’s all inside, we just need to find it.  Hello Sundance?  Meet Fluffenhaus!