Lean on me

My iPod contains over 3500 songs on it.  I purchased my iPod used inheriting the music already on there.  I’ve also added quite a bit of music on my own. I usually listen to podcasts when I am running, multitasking as always.  Lately I’ve started listening to music.  And not to pre-planned playlists.  I’m playing the list alphabetically, never really knowing what I will hear next.  The juxtaposition the songs afford makes me laugh sometimes.  This morning it was Beyonce/JayZ followed by My Fair Lady.  And yes, I’m usually singing along louder than I realize, as evidenced by the looks I get.

Then the classic Bill Withers song, Lean On Me, with it’s opening organ chords came on.  I was immediately transported back to my teenage years, Summertime at the swimming pool, golden couple Crash and Susie and all the really cool kids hanging about.  The radio blaring much to the disdain of the golfers teeing off on the first tee just yards away.   I’m always amazed when music takes me back.  It was like it was yesterday.

This time though I listened, really listened to the lyrics.  And they blew me away.  I’ve gone through some very challenging times recently both personally and professionally.  There were moments it seemed as if I wouldn’t endure them.  Most times I felt really alone and scared.  Still do every once in a while. Especially the scared part. Hearing those lyrics made me realize I had some amazing friends and support that I’d been leaning on pretty heavily.   I’m not good at asking for help, fairly sure my tombstone will read “I’m fine”, even worse at admitting I need help and accepting it when offered.  Swallowing my pride isn’t on my list of skills.  This time around though, I’ve been leaning on whomever will let me.  I realize the lyrics could be referencing a friend, family member, God.  Who knows?  But the fourth time I’d replayed it this morning, the first verse really stuck with me –And if we are wise, we know that there’s always tomorrow. I’ll get to tomorrow, safe in the knowledge I’m not alone.

Oh and the song that followed?  It was also by Bill Withers and was called Use Me.  But that’s an entirely different type of post for another day!

7 Responses to “Lean on me”

  1. Erin Maurer Says:

    Pammy, you are an excellent writer. I see a future here for you!

  2. Rowell Says:

    add me to your list of available “lean-ons”. you’ve already earned yourself a few sessions without trying.

  3. David Sigmon Says:

    Thank you for reminding me of numerous important parts of my past life with this posting. Not the least of which are summer of 1962/63/64 memories at the Forest City, NC public swimming pool, surrounded on three sides by a golf course.

  4. Chris Fadala Says:

    I agree that your an excellent writer.

    I’ve had many people help me out especially over these last few years and no one ever asked anything in return. I also find it hard to ask for help. Fortunately I had a few opportunities to pay it forward which feel rewarding enough in themselves.

    I’ve also gotten help several times from the people on the vo-bb.I know I wouldn’t have gotten as far along as I am without the help, support and humor of the group.

  5. Pam Tierney Says:

    Thank you everyone. Your support is most appreciated!

  6. Everyone needs support | Voices Of Advertising Says:

    […] friend Pam Tierney blogs today about  learning to accept help when offered and to ask for help when needed. Regardless of where you are in your life and your voiceover business, you probably need some help […]

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