Dark clouds

I’m a bit of weather geek and proud of it.  So is my sister.  We inherited this from our Dad who used to sit on the front porch watching the approaching storms.  I often joined him on the porch.  Daddy is always brought to mind when I see the clouds organizing into something interesting.  We grew up in the Midwest where approaching storms can be seen for miles, especially if it contained any sort of lightening.  One of our favorite channels is the Weather Channel which my brother-in-law calls the “worry channel” because of the oohs and aahs that are emitted when we watch the radar.

One thing I’ve noticed over years of storm watching, is how dark it gets as the storm gets closer.  The tension rises in anticipation.  You know it’s coming, you just don’t know how bad it will be or how long it will last.  It just keeps getting darker and darker.  When it finally starts to rain, you feel a release for a moment.  No more anticipation, it’s here.  But then it doesn’t stop, the wind and the rain just keep coming, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days.  Eventually it dies out or moves on, the sun peaks out, the damage is surveyed and we realize we’re just fine, we’ve gotten through the worst of it.  There will be others, just not today.

And so it happens with many endeavors.  You keep trying and trying but can’t seem to get any traction.  Success remains elusive.  The effort fruitless.  The clouds just get darker.  This is where courage, persistence and faith become your umbrella.  Keeping you moving toward your goal until the watershed is over and the sun comes out.  Because the sun will come out.  It always does.  Just keep moving through the storm.