The other side of the street

I have a consistent route I usually take on my walk/run.  My goal is to hit 10000 steps each day so I’ve planned out a path to get there in about 75 minutes and I usually try to get this workout done first thing in the morning so I can get it out of the way.  Because I am very concerned with sun overexposure, I picked out streets that are on the diagonal to maximize my time in the shade.  East/West and North/South streets aren’t as accommodating this time of year with the shade.

Today I didn’t get started until early afternoon.  The sun was already in the western sky so I had to cross to the other side of the street.  Same streets, same route, different side.  What a difference the perspective was.  I’ve traversed these streets for several weeks and the discoveries I was making were quite surprising, new stores and restaurants, building details, beautiful rooftop gardens.  Things I’d never seen from the original side of the street.

It got me wondering about things I was doing unconsciously, repeating a pattern because I’d found an efficient way of completing the task.   Was I missing out on the journey in my quest to get it done and checked off the list?  A simple thing as crossing the street opened my eyes to new inspirations.  In the future, the mundane will be less routine.