Eating an Elephant

I’ve started running.  And if you know me at all, you know that I HATE running.  I will walk to the end of the earth but please oh please, do not make me run.  So why am I running?  Like so many other people I am trying to lose those last 5…er 15…ok 20 pounds.  And from what I am reading, those pounds won’t come off of me walking even if I did make it to the end of the earth.  So I am pushing myself to run at least parts of my daily 5 mile walk.

I’m not having much success.  I start out pretty good, with few walks in between my runs but soon I falter, get winded, a stitch or a pain in my legs and the endeavor becomes a walk.  A brisk walk mind you, but a walk nonetheless.  I gave up for a while but after a few weeks started up again.  Same issue.  Which got me to thinking as I saw all these people running with no problems around me.  What were they doing that I wasn’t and vice versa?

The AHA! moment came yesterday when I realized I was trying to RUN, not jog.  I was running as if I was a seasoned athlete who’d done this for quite a while.  I realized I was such a fast walker naturally that in order for me to feel as if I was stepping things up, I was going at too high a pace and level for me to sustain any sort of distance.  In the process I was short circuiting my success.  If I could just slow my pace down a bit to compensate, I’d have greater success.  It’s too soon to tell if this will work but I think I’m on to something.  You don’t eat the elephant one limb at a time, but one bite at a time, consistently, steadily, persistently.