And so it begins…

As the poet Virgil said, Look with favor upon a bold beginning.

I have been noodling around with the idea of posting a blog for quite a while now.  I’ve been collecting quotes and anecdotes that inspire and inform me for over a year.  I’ve been trying to get the perfect format, the ideal colors, embedding within my website, all kinds of delaying details down pat.  The trouble is, it’s all busy work.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s very important to think about these things.  It’s all avoidance in the name of branding and control.  You will find I am very much aware of the power of branding, marketing and streamlined messages.  It’s been my career for all of my adult life.  But in my quest to micromanage every aspect of what I put out there, I’ve ended up with a whole lot of nothing.  And when you get down to it, it’s the doing that matters, not the talking about the doing.  One can spend one’s entire life in this pattern and end up at the end with a whole lot of nothing.

So it begins.  It may not be what Virgil had in mind, perhaps not as bold as one would hope.  But it is a beginning.  And thus ends the talking and begins the doing.